As you certainly remember, #MeToo figurehead and Joe Biden apologist Alyssa Milano was keeping an eye on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — literally. She attended his confirmation hearings in person, holding a sign reading, “I Believe Survivors.”

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn decided to check in with Tara Reade to see how the #MeToo movement was treating her, and Reade didn’t have much to say about Milano, at least none of it good.

Wulfsohn reports:

In response to Milano calling for “due process” for men accused of sexual assault, Reade said, “she really doesn’t know anything about what happened to me,” calling it “odd” that she would weigh in on an assault claim when she never attempted to seek information from the accuser.

“I don’t what her role is. She’s not really a professional helping women. She was basically talking about protecting powerful men the last time she made a statement,” Reade said. “It’s just the complete opposite of how she approached Brett Kavanaugh, so it’s kind of weird and strange and I think she’s just looking for ways to be relevant.”

Reade also blasted Milano for making it sound as if Time’s Up, which offers legal assistance to alleged victims, didn’t take her on as a client and “made it sound like there was no veracity to my claims.” The Intercept reported that Time’s Up and the National Women’s Law Center “refused to fund her case because they didn’t want to risk jeopardizing their tax-exempted statuses since her claim was against someone running in an election.”

In short, Reade would just like the same “believe women” treatment that was afforded to Christine Blasey Ford.