We didn’t report on this at the time because it didn’t seem relevant to the conversation on the coronavirus pandemic, but if people are going to accuse Dr. Deborah Birx of being “a Republican lawyer,” we might as well put it out there:

That certainly wouldn’t mean anything to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who now says that Birx is now spinning every question in favor of lifting the lockdown in Republican-run states.

It’s funny (sad funny) how the media at first said to ignore President Trump and allow only the experts — Fauci and Birx — to speak; cut away from the press briefings until one of the doctors took the podium. Then they turned on Birx and have begun to question Fauci as well and would prefer to hear from Joe Biden’s friend, the Obama administration’s Ebola czar.

If there’s one business that Georgia never shut down it’s the business of driving liberals crazy.

So seriously, when would O’Donnell let bowling alleys and barbers open up again? When there’s a vaccine? Where there are zero COVID-19 patients in the United States? Good thing he doesn’t have to worry about unemployment.