If you were checking Twitchy over the weekend, you might have come across our post on an article published in the most recent issue of Harvard Magazine. This was the piece where Professor Elizabeth Bartholet argued for a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling, arguing that homeschoolers not only violate their children’s right to a meaningful education; they’re also largely made up of “extreme religious ideologues” who question science and “promote female subservience and white supremacy.”

The Reason Foundation’s Corey A. DeAngelis tipped us off to that article, and he also mentioned that Harvard is hosting an anti-homeschooling conference in June. The subject? “The focus will be on problems of educational deprivation and child maltreatment that too often occur under the guise of homeschooling.”

DeAngelis did some digging since then and found some video of Professor James Dwyer, who organized the conference. Here he is explaining that the parent-child relationship exists only because the state confers legal parenthood.

As we mentioned, the article on banning homeschooling didn’t even mention public schools closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus; this is how these people think all day, every day.

Yeah, despite having a $40 billion endowment, Harvard got $9 million in relief from the CARES Act.

He’d better not be, ever.

Meanwhile, kids are stuck home from school and learning that they can get through the day in a fraction of the time.