First, this clip doesn’t come from Thursday’s coronavirus press briefing, but Wednesday’s. Second, we’ve been told so many times that it’s racist to refer to either the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus because viruses don’t have borders — they affect everyone. Third, liberals went crazy when President Trump announced he was going to withhold funding for the World Health Organization because so many countries around the world depend on it, especially now. The editor of the medical journal The Lancet said it was a “crime against humanity” to defund the WHO — “Every scientist, every health worker, every citizen must resist and rebel against this appalling betrayal of global solidarity.”

So in the name of global solidarity, President Trump announced that the U.S. might be sending ventilators to other countries that need them … including Russia. That ticked off ’80 hitmaker Richard Marx:

But … what happened to all the talk about no borders and global solidarity? Remember when they accused Trump of adopting the campaign slogan “America First” from the Nazis?

CNN’s Asha Rappanga couldn’t believe — well, she could — that the president was “hoarding” ventilators to send to Russia.


And suddenly everyone who thinks MAGA hats are racist is wondering why the president isn’t putting American citizens first (he is).

It does sound like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who’s never criticized for his response to the coronavirus, might have overestimated the need. Now he’s sending ventilators to other states.

Depending on how things go here and how much of a supply we end up turning out, we might indeed have enough to send to other countries — and that’s good unless one of those countries is Russia. They keep telling us we’re supposed to blame the Chinese government and not its people for the coronavirus, so why shouldn’t we help the Russian people if they need it? Because that makes Trump a traitor, that’s why.