Do we miss George W. Bush sometimes? A little. And he’s been a great ex-president: laying low and doing some wonderful humanitarian work in Africa. But it was more than a little off-putting to see the George W. Bush Presidential Center feature a piece on how the coronavirus crisis has shown that the United States needs to reassess its stance on globalization.

That’s Matthew Rooney, director of the economic growth program at the George W. Bush Institute, writing. He does mention some downsides of globalization, such as climate change and “structural changes to our economy”:

… Too many people feel not just left behind, but betrayed. The result has been a political backlash that increasingly threatens the prosperity and security that globalization has brought. The current crisis appears to be strengthening this backlash, as more and more leaders in the United States and Europe call to bring manufacturing back home and put the brakes on immigration, whatever the cost.

We don’t know; bringing the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment back home seems like a really good idea right now, seeing the quality of what China’s putting out.

So, less “America first” and more globalization anyone?

That tweet didn’t go over too well. What do they do at the Bush Center anyway?