Listen, we all knew that President Trump and the media were going to have a rocky relationship before he was even elected; he was getting crowds at his rallies to chant “fake news,” and the mainstream media, well … they were obviously in the tank for Hillary Clinton from Day 1, regardless of who the Republicans put forward.

It looked like that relationship couldn’t get any worse until Tuesday, the day after Trump called out the media with video clips of them downplaying the severity of the coronavirus. Trump defunding the World Health Organization was taken personally by nearly each and every member of the press, who considered it a personal insult that Trump would try to shift the blame from himself to China, for releasing the virus and lying about it, and the WHO for parroting the lies and freezing out countries like Taiwan.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes, who’s been known to cry into his sweater, surprised exactly zero conservatives when he admitted that the aftermath of the 2016 election was one of the “absolutely darkest moments” of his life. Had he been at the Javits Center we’d surely have footage of him curled up on the floor crying or vomiting in one of the restrooms like all the other Clinton supporters.

The economic contraction that followed the greatest economic expansion in history? Did Hayes ever imagine that? Did he imagine China letting loose the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of Trump being elected?

We’ll say it: We’re sorry this is happening to you.