As someone mentioned earlier today on Twitchy, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has actually been in lockstep with President Trump during much of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, those with TDS would much rather watch Cuomo brief the nation and say pretty much what Trump has already said.

Washington Post columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel gives away the game pretty early in this tweet, which asks if Cuomo is the leader the Democratic Party desperately needs — what about Democratic front-runner and presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden? Doesn’t he count? We all know the answer to that one.

Vanden Heuvel writes:

Andrew M. Cuomo is having quite a moment. Using the bully pulpit that the first Gov. Roosevelt, Theodore, made famous, the current governor of the Empire State hopes to emerge as our era’s equivalent to the second Gov. Roosevelt, Franklin. It’s an astounding, complex transformation brought on by the coronavirus crucible, and the nation is transfixed.

The pandemic is Cuomo’s Great Depression. Unlike our juvenile president, Cuomo has been clear, compassionate and inspiring these past weeks. He has taken the words of Franklin Roosevelt to heart (and to Twitter): “The news is going to get worse and worse before it gets better and better, and the American people deserve to have it straight from the shoulder.”

The nation is transfixed by what? Cuomo’s nightly hits on CNN with his little brother? We’ll give credit where it’s due; Cuomo’s doing a pretty good job with a terrible situation. But the next FDR? Who’d even want that?

Is it just us, or does vanden Heuvel seem kind of desperate to find someone who’s not Biden to become the face of the party before November?