Several news sources are reporting that Italy passed the threshold of 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Thursday. Italy is one of the hotspots of the COVID-19 outbreak and a big reason behind the Trump administration’s ban on incoming flights from Europe.

The Intercept’s Alice Speri has a piece today explaining that she’d rather go home to Italy than stay in the United States nevertheless.

Um, why?

Last night, after President Donald Trump abruptly announced he was blocking travel from Europe to the U.S. — though officials later retracted and clarified much of that statement — people in Europe raced to airports, reportedly paying as much as $20,000 to try to catch flights out. And still I am trying to figure out how to make the opposite trip.

Even as the death toll back home continues to climb and the lockdown gets stricter by the day, I would much rather weather this pandemic in Italy than here. I just can’t shake the terror that the United States, my adopted country, is fundamentally unequipped to handle what lies ahead.

Speri then goes on about the wonders of Italy’s health care system: “It is a tragic irony that a public health emergency unlike anything we have seen in generations would come as Americans are constantly told that the idea of health care as a fundamental right is entitled, radical, crazy talk.”

I’d rather get sick so I can take advantage of socialized health care is a hot take.

Don’t let us keep you.

People are apparently scrambling and paying tens of thousands to get out of Europe and back to the United States; surely she could find a flight there?