Juliette, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as “loud mouth, overly confident, probably wrong,” posted a blurry photo of what she said was her client being arrested by ICE officers at a hospital, during the coronavirus outbreak no less.

Teen Vogue labor columnist (we guess that’s a thing) Kim Kelly embellished the “horrific” scene just a little bit in her response:

More than 7,000 likes as of this writing, and people are furious:

Not that it would change a single opinion above, but the hospital’s chief medical officer said that the man was in court when he had a medical issue and was escorted to the hospital by ICE officers. So ICE didn’t barge into the hospital to arrest him; they were taking him there for medical attention.

Yes, the ICE officers should have swung by their homes on the way from the courtroom to change so they didn’t alarm anyone.

We’d like to believe Teen Vogue was made up.