There’s a big split today: Half of the country watched a video where candidate Joe Biden stood up to an autoworker in Detroit who was distorting Biden’s policy on guns and gun control, and the other half saw an elderly man in cognitive decline lose it with a potential voter who asked an honest question that Biden didn’t want to get into.

Put Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, in that first group. What she saw in that video of Biden telling a potential voter that he’s full of s**t is a man ready to take on Donald Trump on the debate stage.

“Most people.” We’re not voting for Biden, and as long as he wants to get combative with citizens and poke them in the chest and tell them to vote for the other guy, we’re all for it.

“Even his flubs can come across as vaguely charming.” That’s some serious wishcasting there. Remember how charming it was when he forgot the Declaration of Independence — you know the thing. Or all the times he’s forgotten what state he’s in? Charming. His false memories of getting arrested on the streets of Soweto? Charming.

Being shushed and having an old white man stick his finger in your face is the kind of thing we thought feminists opposed.