The Daily Caller is reporting that former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will not just be appearing on but will co-host “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this coming Thursday, and will also be doing a monologue. We would have expected Buttigieg to already have a paying gig as a CNN or MSNBC contributor, but this is a start.

Lauryn Overhultz reports:

The announcement came during Monday’s episode of the “Today” show.

“On Thursday I’m gonna be guest hosting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’” Buttigieg said. “So we’re really excited for that — lining up a great slate of guests. Sir Patrick Stewart’s coming on — we’re very excited about that.”

Buttigieg confirmed he would be doing a monologue for the show as well.

Will this be the woke Jimmy Kimmel who wears his child in a baby carrier while talking about universal health care, or will he and Buttigieg be reviving old bits from “The Man Show”?