Somebody at the Daily Mail’s social media desk is hoping for a lot of those sweet clicks Monday night after tweeting that President Trump REFUSED to say if he’d been tested for the coronavirus and then stormed out of the briefing. From the video we’ve seen, the question was shouted after he’d left the room to turn the briefing over to Vice President Pence, also known as “storming out.”

Aren’t they worried being crammed into a confined space like the briefing room? Should they demand that briefings be live-streamed for reporters? What if one of them caught the coronavirus while covering CPAC?

Reporters did ask Pence if the president had been tested, to which he answered he didn’t know. Pence said he himself had not.

We’d hate to because they’ve done good work, but this tweet is definitely fake news.

He is the ultimate troll … that would have been awesome. Make everyone in the media self-quarantine for 14 days. It’s not like they couldn’t still make stuff up from home.


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