First things first: It’s a hell of a stutter that causes you to claim you were arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela when instead you were directed through a different door than your traveling companions.

But the word is out that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s many verbal slip-ups and derailed trains of thought, like messing up the Declaration of Independence (you know the thing), is the result of him trying to suppress a childhood stutter — which was never evident at any time during his hundred years in the Senate.

Daily Caller editor Peter Hasson has written an op-ed about his own struggles with stuttering and has concluded that it in no way applies to Biden’s current condition.

Just ask Raw Story’s Matthew Chapman:

Hasson writes:

Stuttering has nothing to do with Biden pledging to appoint the first African-American woman to the United States Senate. (The Senate has already had black women, and presidents don’t appoint senators anyway.)

Stuttering has nothing to do with Biden making bizarre references to record players, it has nothing to do with Biden forgetting in which state he’s campaigning, and it has nothing to do with him confusing people and events from decades apart. It simply doesn’t.

What’s really behind Biden’s mental misfires is up for debate but the vast majority of the time, it ain’t a childhood stutter, and anybody saying otherwise is either dishonest or uninformed.

It’s funny that Hasson says “up for debate,” because according to Politico, the Bernie Sanders camp is bristling at a suggestion that the debates be sit-down affairs, which they think gives an advantage to Biden.

This should be interesting, seeing as we’re not even talking about debating President Trump at this point.

But we’re not allowed to discuss it, because Trump has to go regardless of whom the Democrats eventually settle for.

That’s a good point: It’s really not helping people who stutter to suggest it could be confused with cognitive decline.

We’re really interested in seeing how this debate over the debates plays out. Biden’s having trouble doing seven-minute rally speeches without a gaffe, so having him go up against Bernie (or even Trump) without a gaggle of competitors fighting to get a word in is going to be illuminating.