Obviously there’s a little bit of a difference between the two: We don’t think anybody ever suspected Sen. Amy Klobuchar had a chance of winning the nomination, while for a little bit there, Elizabeth Warren was topping the polls and eviscerating competitors like Mike Bloomberg during the debates. Plus, Warren had a plan — just not a plan to come in third in her home state on Super Tuesday.

But The Stranger’s Katie Herzog asks a good question: Did the word “sexism” ever come up in regards to Klobuchar?

As we learned from the Hillary Clinton campaign, “unlikeable” is just a word misogynists use to disguise their hatred of women. No woman is unlikeable.

No, her problem is she’s a Russian asset, according to Clinton.

That makes a lot of sense.

Or promise to let a transgender child help decide on the Secretary of Education.

We agree with the theory that the kind of person who would support Warren is also the kind who would blame sexism first — identity politics all the way.