Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems upset that over the last year, it’s become apparent that a lot of people still have a lot of misconceptions about her Green New Deal, and now that she’s pitching it on behalf of her candidate, Bernie Sanders, she wanted to clear up those misconceptions — a lot of which arose from the Green New Deal FAQ that was temporarily posted to her own website: the one about farting cows and eliminating airplanes.

On Wednesday, she decided to use her floor time to read the Green New Deal to those of her colleagues who hadn’t read it themselves.

Correct us if we’re wrong: Isn’t this the Green New Deal resolution that Democrats said Mitch McConnell was trying to sabotage by bringing it to a floor vote in the Senate? The same Green New Deal resolution that failed 0-57, with 43 Democrats voting “present” and obviously not one voting in favor — not even the resolution’s sponsors, like Kamala Harris, who called the vote a political stunt. That Green New Deal?

You can watch Ocasio-Cortez introduce storytime in her tweet, or you can check out this edit from Grabien Media which distills the Green New Deal into its essence, so much of which has nothing to do with the “climate emergency” that will kill us all in … what, 11 years? Unions, guaranteed housing, a living wage, etc.


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