We’re sorry to bring you another post about Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, but she really is an accurate barometer of where a lot of moderate Democrats and Never Trumpers stand right about now as they watch socialist Bernie Sanders win another state. Like so many other Never Trumpers like Max Boot and Tom Nichols and Bill Kristol, Rubin can’t believe her new friends in the Democratic party are going to put forward Sanders as their nominee, no matter how much they kick and scream about it on Twitter.

So how does anyone feel about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC? (Memo to Ilhan Omar: AIPAC is not a PAC and does not donate to campaigns, so it’s not all about the Benjamins.) Democratic candidates dropped out like flies in 2019:

As Twitchy reported, Sanders on “60 Minutes” Sunday night had some nice things to say about Fidel Castro, but he has nothing nice to say about AIPAC, which he considers a hotbed of bigotry.

Dude, you’ve never attended their conference, and your surrogates are notorious anti-Semites. Of course, you’re not going.

Rubin, who keeps trying to get her new friends in the Democratic party to listen to her and put forward someone who’s not a socialist, is now pulling out her hair over this new development.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are in Rubin’s mentions explaining to her that Castro was a hero — and is also dead, while Israel lives on.