We’ve known from their tweets that principled conservatives like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and Bill Kristol have been trying to steer their new friends in the Democratic party to go a little more moderate than socialist Bernie Sanders — wouldn’t Joe Biden be a great alternative to President Trump?

So as Sanders gets ready to take another state, let’s tune in to MSNBC to hear things from a liberal perspective. The hosts over at MSNBC must be cheering a Sanders win, right?

Here’s Joy Reid telling Democrats they’d better “sober up” and do something about Bernie:

The Bernie Bros are actually calling MSNBC right-wing and Joy Reid and Chris Matthews “corporate neoliberals.” This is great.

Here’s Nicolle Wallace going on about “dark arts.”

And Chris Matthews managed to alienate and offend quite a few Bernie Bros by likening his win in Nevada to “the Germans overrunning The Maginot Line in 1940.”

The Bernie Bros are ready and willing to burn it all down … even the liberal media.