We’ll have to give Bernie Sanders credit — he was smart enough last April to accept an invitation to a town hall hosted by Fox News, the network news channel with an actual audience. Others, like Elizabeth Warren, refuse to go on Fox News because they don’t want to give the network the ad revenue, though we don’t think the network’s hurting in that department.

There’s a long piece in Vanity Fair in which Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, pulls out a box of receipts from MSNBC hosts and panelists trash-talking Sanders and his chances in the election.

MSNBC viewers even got #FireChuckTodd trending recently when he read from a piece likening the online army of Bernie Bros to “a digital brown-shirt brigade.”

Tom Kludt writes:

For months, the campaign bristled at slights from MSNBC’s stable of hosts and commentators. Jason Johnson, an MSNBC contributor, predicted in January 2019 that Sanders would drop out by August, and network analyst Mimi Rocah said in July that Sanders made her “skin crawl.” On-screen graphics have omitted Sanders and misrepresented his poll numbers, a trend that inspired a sendup from the Onion.

Shakir credited CNN for making “efforts to try and diversify their voices,” citing the network’s hire of Alexandra Rojas, the executive director of the progressive organization Justice Democrats and a veteran of the 2016 Sanders campaign. Even Fox News has been “more fair than MSNBC,” according to Shakir. “That’s saying something,” he said. “Fox is often yelling about Bernie Sanders’s socialism, but they’re still giving our campaign the opportunity to make our case in a fair manner, unlike MSNBC, which has credibility with the left and is constantly undermining the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

That’s news to us: We hadn’t heard that CNN had hired the executive director of Justice Democrats — not that we’re surprised.

It’s nice to see MSNBC attacked by the progressive left for a change.