It’s another episode of, “These are the people we want running health care?” WJLA in Washington, D.C. reported this week that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, better known as Metro, has spent $3.8 million on two bike racks that aren’t even finished yet.

Sam Sweeney reports:

Metro has spent $3.8 million and taken five years to build two unfinished bike racks – at East Falls Church and Vienna Metro Stations.

WMATA originally budgeted $600,000 for each rack, but the price tag has soared to $1.9 million each.

The covered bike shelters will house 92 bikes, putting the price tag at more than $20,000 per bike. Future costs to finish the projects could raise that number even higher.

The projects were supposed to be completed in December of 2015 but remain unfinished in 2020.

Apparently there have been some problems with contractors, with Metro explaining, “Quality control issues with contractors can take time to sort out, but Metro determined it was more important to get the project done right rather than get it done quickly.”

It’s a bargain compared to California’s infamous high-speed train to nowhere.