Retired White House correspondent Sam Donaldson has not only endorsed Michael Bloomberg for president, he’s already shot a campaign ad.

Of course Donaldson spends most of the ad bashing President Trump, but were he still working, we’d never know what Donaldson thought about Trump, because he’s been nothing if not independent in his 52-year career. It’s only now that he’s retired that he’s giving a peek into his personal political leanings. Or at least that’s what CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks.

What happened to reporters not rooting for a side?

He probably reminds Stelter of his colleague Jim Acosta then.

It’s as big as when John Mellencamp endorsed Bloomberg, if not bigger.

Even Piers Morgan wants to know how media hall monitor Stelter can overlook Bloomberg News’ announcement that it wouldn’t investigate any of the Democratic candidates.

Exit questions, because people want to know: