This is almost as funny as the many, many people on Twitter who thought Sen. Rand Paul should have been arrested for naming the Ukraine whistleblower, even though 1) he never said either of the people he named was the whistleblower, and 2) no one to this day, not even Rep. Adam Schiff, knows who the whistleblower is.

Now, on Thursday night, people are calling for Tucker Carlson to be sued or arrested or both for revealing the Twitter name of the Roger Stone jury foreman — even though she outed herself in a Facebook post, which CNN partially published Wednesday along with her name:

She couldn’t keep quiet any longer, so she outed herself, and CNN ran with it:

A juror on the Roger Stone trial said she wants to “stand up” for the four prosecutors who withdrew from the case in response to their sentencing recommendation being changed by Department of Justice leadership.

Tomeka Hart said she had remained silent about the case for months out of concern for her safety and “politicizing the matter.”

But the events this week led to her to post on her Facebook account that she “can’t keep quiet any longer.” A copy of the posting was shared with CNN. Hart confirmed to CNN that she wrote the post but did not want to discuss it further.

Why didn’t she want to discuss it further? Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller has a good idea:

Carlson picked up on the story Thursday night, and as we said, now people are calling for his arrest for revealing the name of a juror and potentially putting her life at risk:

That tweet doesn’t even make sense. She revealed her real name on Facebook, but Carlson’s attacking her by revealing her Twitter name?

Um, from CNN, who got it from Facebook … where she revealed she was a juror because she couldn’t stay silent any longer.

She wasn’t a witness, and she hasn’t been a juror for months.

The mob that showed up at his front door and told his family “We know where you live. You are not safe” knew his address. Ask them.

For everyone tagging the FBI: She outed herself on Facebook. CNN picked it up a day ago and published her name. Send the FBI to CNN if you think a federal crime has been committed.