Cam Edwards of Twitchy sister site Bearing Arms is reporting that the Virginia House of Delegates narrowly passed Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam’s bill that would ban the sale or transfer of “assault firearms” and expand restrictions on magazine sizes.

Edwards writes:

The Virginia House of Delegates approved HB961 Tuesday afternoon, sending the gun, magazine, suppressor, and trigger activator ban to the state Senate on a narrow 51-48 vote. There was bipartisan opposition to the bill, with several Democrats voting against the proposal, but only Democrats supported the gun ban measure.

The bill was modified on the House floor in order to bring more Democrats on board. The original provision making it a felony to possess a magazine that can accept more than 12-rounds of ammunition was amended to make possession a misdemeanor offense. This doesn’t make sense if you truly believe that possessing these magazines is tantamount to possessing a weapon of war, but if you’re a Democrat who’s looking at this from a political angle, not public safety, it’s just another bargaining chip that can be used to deliver a few more votes.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“HB 961 would make tens of thousands of gun owners in Virginia criminals overnight,” Republican Del. Nick Freitas told the Washington Examiner. “This bill creates an environment where you could receive up to 12 months in jail for every magazine you have over 12 rounds. At the same time that Democrats are voting for early release programs for people convicted of first-degree murder and rape, they are criminalizing law-abiding gun owners.”