CNN’s Brian Stelter will be very testy with us if we don’t lead off the evening with coverage of the Roger Stone case. The entire team of federal prosecutors involved in Stone’s case has withdrawn in protest of the Justice Department’s new sentencing memo, saying the recommended sentence of seven to nine years in prison “would not be appropriate.”

ABC News reports:

The Justice Department filed an updated sentencing memorandum in its case against Roger Stone late Tuesday afternoon, noting that the previous recommendation of seven to nine years against President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and former campaign adviser “would not be appropriate” and instead said it “defers to the court.”

At about the same time, the entire team of federal prosecutors involved in Stone’s case withdrew.

Earlier Tuesday, in another stunning development that raised questions about possible political interference, the department announced it would reverse course on its sentencing recommendation for Stone, only hours after Trump himself reacted to the recommendation by calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”

Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii summarizes the developments this way:

Make that four.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway says it’s “insane” to think that nine years in prison would be a reasonable sentence for Stone.

Look out, it’s a red-alarm day for the Resistance: