A couple of weeks ago, after Sen. Martha McSally had sent shockwaves through the mainstream media by dismissing CNN’s Manu Raju as a “liberal hack,” Twitchy favorite Comfortably Smug set up a bracket to let Twitter users vote on who really was 2020’s top liberal hack.

Now that we’re down to the final four, Fox News has picked up on the tournament:

Joseph A. Wulfsohn reports:

The ongoing contest has been pitting many members of the mainstream media against each other in an NCAA-style format, with only one who will be crowned the champion “liberal hack.”

Stelter, a No. 1 seed, handily won the “Way Too Online Hacks” division of the tournament against Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast, earning 85.7 percent of the vote. He will face off in what is being called the “Fake Four” against “Establishment Hack” division winner Rachel Maddow, who narrowly defeated CNN anchor Chris Cuomo with roughly 52 percent of the vote, which was seen as an upset, as Cuomo was a No. 3 seed while the MSNBC star was a No. 13 seed.

Meanwhile, Acosta bested his colleague, CNN anchor Don Lemon, who received attention this week after his panel mocked Trump supporters as illiterate “credulous boomer rubes.” However, Acosta, also being a No. 1 seed, was able to maintain his status, earning nearly 62 percent of the vote and winning the “Fake News Hack” division.

Rubin, the No. 2 seed who is The Washington Post’s self-described “conservative blogger,” beat out self-described “Republican” CNN commentator Ana Navarro, clinching more than 75 percent of the vote in the “Liberal Activist Hack” division.

Things are getting exciting now. Your pick?

There’s still time to vote, but be quick about it: