Gosh, that sounds so unlike him. The minds over at CNN are saying that President Trump, who has called both the Mueller investigation and Ukraine investigation witch hunts repeatedly and still insists the call with Ukraine’s president was “a perfect call,” is not expected to apologize after he’s acquitted by the Senate next week.

… unlike the last President to be acquitted, don’t expect Trump to apologize or express any contrition for his conduct. Instead, people close to the President say they anticipate he will claim vindication and continue to proclaim his complete and total innocence.

While President Bill Clinton apologized to the nation after he was acquitted in the Senate — saying he was “profoundly sorry” — sources close to the President say Trump is likely to stick to his insistence that his conduct was “perfect.”

“I don’t see the President making a big statement one way or another that would indicate anything different than what he’s been saying for many months,” one Republican close to Trump said.

No way.