As Twitchy reported earlier, Chief Justice John Roberts declined to read Sen. Rand Paul’s question regarding whether two NSC staffers might have worked together “to plot impeaching the president before there were formal house impeachment proceedings,” as has been reported on some conservative websites. “The presiding officer declines to read the question as submitted,” Roberts said.

Instead, Paul posted his question in full to Twitter, and this afternoon, he held a brief press conference to read his question to journalists to get it into the public record. Of course, the big controversy is whether Paul was trying to “out” the alleged whistleblower with his question as if being a whistleblower prevented you from being identified; it only protects you from retaliation at your workplace.

Notice how hostile the journalists are: “Shouldn’t you be in the Senate right now?” one asks. He should, but what’s the point if his question goes unasked and unanswered. And of course, if not even Rep. Adam Schiff knows who the whistleblower is, as he repeated Wednesday, how could Paul know if he’s naming him or her?

A lot of people in C-SPAN’s comments think Paul should be handcuffed and locked up for “outing” the whistleblower in his question, so they must know more than Schiff.

Silence which name? Which one is the whistleblower? Is either one the whistleblower? Not even Schiff knows.

Yeah, relax everyone.