As Twitchy has reported, Senate Democrats are getting a chance to ask questions of the House impeachment managers through Chief Justice John Roberts, and as Katie Pavlich pointed out, it’s “very obvious Senate Democrats coordinated with Democrat impeachment managers on what questions would be asked.”

Sen. Kamala Harris, in trying to paint President Trump as someone who believes he has absolute power, actually worked the leaked “Access Hollywood” tape into her question — the part about, “When you’re a star, they let you do it.” See — even before he was elected he thought he had absolute authority to grab whatever he wanted.

Look — she even made a video to tweet out as her question was asked on the Senate floor:

That “Access Hollywood” quote (which failed to sink Trump’s candidacy, by the way) will get all the press. However, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak is more interested in the part of her question dealing with Article II of the Constitution.

Pollak reports in response to this tweet by Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday:

Pollak writes:

The statement is so egregiously false, and so brazen in its re-use of a debunked claim about what Trump said about his Article II powers under the Constitution, that it qualifies to be called a “lie” and not a simple error.

At no point did President Trump’s legal team ever argue that a president can abuse his power. Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz did argue that presidents cannot be impeached and removed for “abuse of power” alone — that there must also be an allegation of “criminal-like conduct.” But at no point did he, or any other member of the president’s legal team, make the argument Pelosi falsely claimed they did.

Second, as numerous fact checks have claimed, Trump never said that Article II of the Constitution — which describes the powers of the president — gave him the power to do whatever he wanted. Pelosi has used this misquote before, and it was shamelessly recycled by House impeachment managers in the Senate last week.

The president was specifically talking about his power to hire and fire executive officials. The context was Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of “Russia collusion.” Trump’s point was that he had allowed Mueller, with a team of anti-Trump Democrats, to investigate him, even though he could have fired Mueller.

So Harris (and the rest of the Democrats) took Trump out of context in order to make their argument? Scott Adams was not amused.