It was all the way back in early December when Fox News’ Peter Doocy broached the topic of Joe Biden possibly appearing before the Senate during President Trump’s impeachment trial, and Biden said it wasn’t going to happen, at least not voluntarily.

Now that the impeachment trial is underway and some senators are floating the idea of a witness swap — say, John Bolton for Hunter Biden — Biden still says he won’t appear as a witness.

But now that the Bidens have been called out by White House counsel Pamela Bondi, have things changed? Not in Biden’s mind. He said this Monday:

C’mon, man! Biden is not going to testify. Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin sure hopes that he does, though, so he could explain his hard fight against corruption in Ukraine while he was vice president.

Even CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called it “sleazy.”

Isn’t that what they keep saying about Trump?