The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Rep. Rashida Tlaib was among those circulating an unverified claim that Israeli settlers had kidnapped and assaulted a 7-year-old boy and executed him by throwing him in a well to freeze to death.

Seth J. Frantzman reports:

A Twitter account called “Real Seif Bitar” tweeted that the boy had been kidnapped and executed and showed a video of the boy’s body being found by emergency services. The tweet claimed that the boy was kidnapped by “Israeli settlers, assaulted and thrown in a water well, was found this morning frozen to death in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem after Israeli forces assaulted search teams.” Palestinian politician Hanan Ashrawi re-tweeted the allegation and added “the heart just shatters, the pain is unbearable, no words.” Congresswoman Tlaib then retweeted the Ashrawi tweet that included the allegations.

As Eylon Levy tweeted, those retweets just added layer after layer of amplification to an unverified tweet by an unverified user.

We don’t recall seeing a lot of apologies from Tlaib ever, over anything.

Looks like Seif Bitar, the source of the tweet, has been suspended from Twitter before:

Remember the progressive freak-out when President Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals”?

Maybe it’s best for our politicians to tweet, as it gives us a better idea of who they really are.