Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout has endorsed Bernie Sanders, and on Monday, The Guardian published her op-ed entitled, “‘Middle Class’ Joe Biden has a corruption problem – it makes him a weak candidate.”

Before you rush over to click on it, be aware that there’s absolutely no mention of Ukraine or Burisma in there anywhere; Teachout is more concerned with things like Joe Biden’s “pledge not to take money from the fossil fuel industry” right before he held a fundraiser with the founder of a fossil fuel conglomerate.

The “big” news is that the campaign’s “Bern Notice” newsletter highlighted the op-ed.

That’s Biden’s “corruption problem.” Hunter’s off the hook in this op-ed.

We’re just curious why an op-ed is called an “attack” on Biden — the two are running against each other for the same job — and what difference it makes that it was published right before the Senate impeachment trial. But The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein found it “remarkable.”

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops and Cory Booker among the Democratic candidates anymore — what a surprise. Watch as the Biden and Sanders camps fight it out though:

Do Biden’s followers have a group name like the Yang Gang or the Bernie Bros? Because that would be really helpful in future posts when they’re tearing each other apart in the comments.