One of the big, big pushes from the Bernie Sanders campaign against Joe Biden is that Biden, throughout his many, many years in Washington, has either tried to cut or privatize Social Security. During a campaign stop Saturday, Biden accused the Sanders campaign of putting out a “doctored” video of him agreeing with Paul Ryan’s plan.

The Washington Post’s fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, says it’s false to say Biden “lauded a Paul Ryan proposal to cut Social Security.”

In response, the Sanders campaign accused Biden of trying to doctor his public record on Social Security.

Sanders supporters sure have collected a lot of video from the archives.

This is great: Sanders and Biden are now fighting an ugly fight, just as Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are calling each other liars. More, please.

All of the Democrats are running so far to the left of Biden he’s being accused of being aligned with the GOP — that, and he also suggested he’d consider a Republican as a running mate. Poor Joe doesn’t realize where the Democrat party has gone since he was vice president.

We have a lot of video of that, too.

We don’t know where all of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are but they’d better get to work defending the guy online — the Bernie Bros are all over it.