Has it really been that long? According to our archives, it was May 2015 when New York City police officers, under the direction of former presidential candidate Bill De Blasio, began making arrests for the misdemeanor offense of “manspreading,” or sitting with your knees too far apart on the subway.

Law enforcement stepped in following a $76,000 public relations campaign asking men to “stop the spread.” Unfortunately, there was no equal attention given to “she-bagging” in which a woman takes up an extra seat for her purse.

Mashable seems pretty impressed with a project by artist and designer Laila Laurel of the U.K. that won’t forever fix manspreading, but will at least “keep the conversation going” — which is another way of saying, “accomplish nothing.” Mashable first posted this story forever ago but thought it was worth re-upping:

It’s absolutely brilliant.


The Daily Mail reports that Laurel, who created the chairs while a college student, “won an award for emerging talent in the design industry called the Belmond Award,” with judges agreeing that her design “was ‘a bold, purpose-driven design that explores the important role of design in informing space, a person’s behavior and society issues of today.'”