House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made an appearance on Fox News in which he suggested that one reason Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be sitting on the articles of impeachment is to hamstring some of the senators running for president, such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They’ll be stuck in an impeachment trial and possibly miss the Iowa caucuses while others, like Joe Biden, will be free to campaign.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, would like the public to believe that impeachment, especially this impeachment, has nothing to do with politics or the presidential race. Well, it certainly does have something to do with President Trump’s run for re-election — and it seems to be giving him a boost.

It has nothing to do with politics, only with upholding the Constitution. That’s why the Democrats have treated the whole thing in such a solemn and prayerful manner — and have been talking about it since the election.