As Twitchy reported Monday night, Elizabeth Warren issued a statement essentially confirming that Bernie Sanders did indeed tell her in a 2018 meeting that he disagreed when she said a woman could win the presidency. Pretty much every Sanders supporter believes Warren is lying — not for the first time — and Democrats even got the #RefundWarren hashtag to trend, urging donors to ask for their money back.

Now, Philip Wegmann of Real Clear Politics is saying that an Obama alumnus believes that everything is fair play after that incident.

We knew if we waiting long enough all of the kumbaya good-will among candidates would give way to good old-fashioned backstabbing. We know President Trump would call her Pocahontas on the debate stage were she nominated, but will Sanders bring up her fake Native American ancestry now that it’s on the table?

The 2020 race is getting ugly and we’re here for it.