Gizmodo is one of those leftovers from the Gawker media empire, so you know where they’re coming from politically, and it was very, very important for their Earther division to let you know that the brushfires raging across Australia were not the result of arson but climate change, something they made pretty clear in their headline:

Sure, they even report that 183 people have been arrested for arson, but …

Australia’s bushfires are a bright red warning sign that the climate crisis is most definitely upon us and worse lies ahead if we don’t curb carbon pollution. That also makes them a bright red warning sign for a disinformation campaign about their causes for anyone looking to maintain the status quo.

Yet over the past week, a counter-narrative has emerged that no, it’s not climate change. It’s arsonists and nefarious green groups who have pushed to stop back burns and controlled fires that reduce fire risk. While 183 arrests have been made in connection with fires, only 24 people have actually been charged with arson.

Writer Brian Kahn seems pretty angry that right-wingers are using the arson arrests to disseminate a disinformation campaign about climate change.

Not only that; Snopes has spoken. Debate over.