We wouldn’t have caught this piece in Raw Story if it hadn’t been retweeted by Resistance leader Claude Taylor, whose weapon of choice is billboards. According to Raw Story’s Tom Boggioni, Mitch McConnell will now have to bow to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on impeachment. It seems just the opposite to us, but whatever.

Turns out Boggioni’s analysis is actually borrowed from a Washington Post reporter’s appearance on CNN:

Speaking with CNN New Day host Martin Savidge, the WaPo’s Toulouse Olorunnipa said the majority of pressure over the delayed impeachment trial is likely on McConnell and not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“It’s a stalemate,” Olorunnipa explained. “It has been for the last several weeks and there’s no sense that anyone is looking to budge. We heard from the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the leader on the floor and they seem steadfast in their positions they have different views of how this trial should take place and you have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who’s in no rush to send the articles over because they believe the Senate should take a more significant approach where they hold a trial and have witnesses and it doesn’t appear that Mitch McConnell is looking to do that.”

That’s it?