Dennis Prager’s PragerU YouTube series is great, using video to dismantle Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ chicken-little climate forecast and the lie that President Trump called white supremacists “very fine people.” Those are just a couple of examples, but PragerU keeps chugging along doing the job that physical universities should be doing.

It seems the New York Times, always on the lookout for independent media outlets gaining popularity, has sniffed out PragerU and warned that it uses YouTube as a platform to circumvent professors and even parents. Where would the Times get the idea that a conservative YouTube series would need to “circumvent” university professors anyway?

Nellie Bowles writes:

Last year PragerU videos racked up more than one billion views, the company said. The Prager empire now has a fleet of 6,500 high school and college student promoters, known as the PragerForce, who host on-campus meetings and gather at least once a year for conventions. And this year, the company is expanding its scope. PragerU executives are signing stars of the young new right to host made-for-the-internet shows to fuel 2020 content, including a book club and a show geared to Hispanics called Americanos.

The goal of the people behind all of this — Dennis Prager, the conservative talk show host and impresario of this digital empire, and the venture’s billionaire funders — seems simple: more Will Witts in the world. More pride in American history (and less panic over racism), more religion (specifically in the “Judeo-Christian” tradition), less illegal immigration, more young people laughing at people on the left rather than joining them.