Some people have memories so short they don’t even seem to remember the “protest” by “mourners” who tried to breach the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and kill everyone inside (fortunately there were no U.S. casualties this time around). They’re literally asking on Twitter what Iran did to provoke such a response as the killing of the dapper-bearded bodybuilder Qasem Soleimani, as if an attack on an embassy weren’t enough.

New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi let rip Saturday morning with a tweetstorm that started with tips from sources and ended with the suggestion that President Trump had ordered the strike to draw attention away from his impeachment.

Why now? Because they had the shot and a Commander-in-Chief who told them to take it? Oh, and according to her sources, the chance of another imminent attack was “razor-thin.”

Ambassador Richard Grenell gave Callimachi some advice:

Yeah, we’ve never seen “sources” leak information supposedly damaging to Trump to the media. That would be a first.