Alyssa Milano isn’t the only person to accuse President Trump of taking out Qasem Soleimani to distract from his impeachment, but seeing as she’s a member of the star-studded (herself, Debra Messing, Tom Arnold) Impeachment Task Force, it’s important for her to keep her eye on the ball.

We’d normally blow off this tweet, but she’s literally begging Americans to realize that this is all just a distraction from the “pending” impeachment trial — the one dependent on the House actually delivering those two articles of impeachment to the Senate rather than sitting on them and demanding Mitch McConnell dig up more evidence for their flimsy case.

Did Milano care when American lives were lost and their murders blamed on a YouTube video? Hundreds of American lives have already been lost thanks to Soleimani, so until she can point us to her tweets about those, we’re going to assume she doesn’t really care about American’s lives.

They really should cancel the vegetarian Screen Actors Guild Awards during this serious and somber time. It’s the edge of World War III and they’re still going on with it?

Yeah, why didn’t Obama do anything about Russia “hacking into” the 2016 election?