As Twitchy reported, a New York woman named Tiffany Harris was arrested Dec. 28 and charged with punching and cursing at three Orthodox women in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at dawn. “Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews,'” she admitted to police officers.

“She still has an open harassment and assault case on the Brooklyn docket from November 2018,” reports the New York Post.

Still, she was set loose and arrested again, making that her third arrest in a week.

The third arrest wasn’t for a hate crime — instead, it was for failing to comply with court-ordered monitoring. She reportedly blew off an appointment with social workers at Brooklyn Justice Initiatives.

Harris is putting the focus on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s prison reform, which rewards accused criminals being released from jail under the city’s new cashless bail policy with incentives like New York Mets tickets and gift cards for showing up to court.

CBSN New York reports that starting Jan. 1, the bail reform policy eliminates cash bail and pre-trial detention for misdemeanors and most low-level felonies.

“This is MAGA country!” they shouted as they slipped the noose around Jussie Smollett’s neck …

According to the Post, they’re keeping her as a guest this time:

The Brooklyn woman arrested three times in the span of five days — getting released twice without bail thanks to new criminal-justice reforms — was ordered held for a psychiatric evaluation on Wednesday following her latest bust.

Tiffany Harris, 30, was kept in custody for the mandatory tests at an unspecified city hospital following a Brooklyn criminal court hearing, on the orders of Judge Joseph Gubbay.