Speaker Nancy Pelosi can sit on the articles of impeachment as long as she wants; just today, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley said on Monday he’s going to introduce a measure “to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution.” Like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps telling reporters, it’s not the Senate’s job to come up with evidence if the House doesn’t feel it has enough.

The Senate is certain to acquit President Trump if this ever comes to a Senate trial anyway, so now opponents are already thinking of other ways to undo the 2016 election and make sure 2020 goes the way they want.

One-time congressional candidate and labor lawyer Tom Geoghegan has a solution that’s been published by Bloomberg Opinion: the site that won’t investigate any Democratic candidates to appear impartial but will stay on Trump’s case. How about the Democrats sue Trump to prevent him from rigging 2020?

And it’s no coincidence that the photo Bloomberg chose to use with the piece is a picture of Trump and Vladimir Putin — you know, the guy he colluded with last time to steal Hillary’s presidency.

That tweet’s been up for over six hours and has zero retweets, so the idea’s really lighting the Internet on fire.

Geoghegan writes:

Here’s a message to Democrats and all patriots: Don’t give up when the Senate acquits Donald Trump.

File suit right away to prevent him from going to any foreign government to fix the election.

A plaintiff in a lawsuit has a right to seek prospective injunctive relief to stop a pattern of corrupt activity from continuing. Any threat to interfere with rights under the First Amendment is usually “irreparable injury,” which justifies issuing an injunction.

To say the least, there is a pattern of conduct by Trump to justify such action.

Trump is likely to try some such tactics again. In 2016 he said he would not accept the outcome of any election he did not win. He made an unprecedented and frivolous threat to imprison his rival if he won — something that even Vladimir Putin is too discreet to say. He also invited the Russians to hack the emails of his opponents. He can and should be imputed with knowledge — at least for civil purposes, unlike the criminal standard used by special counsel Robert Mueller — to show that he sought or would have accepted the assistance of the Russians in 2016.

Dude, we wish the chants of “Lock her up” weren’t frivolous — Hillary Clinton has a lot to answer for and she’s just skated. And that invitation to the Russians was a joke. Like this article.

Even with the Mueller report they’re still clinging to the Russian collusion myth.

That’s good advice they’ll never take.