There have been a lot of sad and sorry takes on the church shooting in White Settlement, Texas, on Sunday morning (looking at you, Tom Nichols). But the saddest of all may have been this response by actor John Leguizamo, who tagged failed presidential (and senatorial) candidate Beto O’Rourke in his tweet as if the guy who said, “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15” during September’s debate is going to do something about it.

Besides, there were no AR-15s involved in the White Settlement incident, despite those being the bogeyman of the gun-grabbing crowd and the one firearm they always promise to ban.

In any case, Leguizamo proclaims that Texas is unsafe because of the lax gun laws.

Dana Loesch wants to know which lax gun laws allowed the shooting to take place, and which ones stopped it from becoming a massacre.

You hate to even think it, but judging by some of their reactions, it seems the pro-gun control crowd would have preferred the armed hero who took down the assailant to have been prohibited from carrying.

Hey, he’s not out of work. He was in “John Wick” — you know, that movie with the strong anti-gun message?