Why yes, we still remember the days when Barack and Michelle Obama would post their “day” and “night” Spotify playlists for their vacation and Joe and the media would be all over it. Joe and Jill Biden even got in on the action with their holiday playlist one year. Why is it we don’t miss the president “slow-jamming the news” on late-night TV or posting his Spotify playlists?

Apparently we should care, because Obama posted his favorite songs of 2019, and the Los Angeles Times is on top of it, somehow tying it with Obama’s “moral center.”

“Typical for a guy committed to a big-tent coalition, there’s something for everyone — country, rap, R&B, indie rock, Afrobeat.” Excuse us, committed to a what now? Is there something for those people in small midwestern towns clinging to their guns and Bibles?

Speaking of a moral center, you haven’t seen President Trump post his favorite songs of 2019, have you? Very telling.