We know it’s Brian Stelter’s job to watch Fox News 12 hours a day and tweet about what he sees, but has he ever watched his own CNN show, “Reliable Sources”? The reason we ask is that Stelter finds it “surreal” to find three whole tweets included in a Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed arguing that there was nothing wrong with Justice Neil Gorsuch appearing on Fox News for an interview.

Stelter even said the writer used one of his tweets! We’ll bet it was this one about his tantrum over the Gorsuch appearance:

In any case, he can’t believe people would use valuable print space on tweets and thinks they should be debated “here on Twitter!” Guess CNN airtime doesn’t count as valuable airtime.

Bingo. Hey, remember the whole segment of his show he devoted to President Trump’s Twitter typos?

Surreal is right.