Kudos to Rep. Louie Gohmert for bringing the discussion back to Ukraine during the impeachment debate in the House, since that’s apparently where the abuse of power took place. A lot of Democrats, and one law professor who testified before the House, were outraged that President Trump would withhold aid from Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden and his dealings with Burisma.

The thing is, there was no investigation of Biden, Ukraine got its aid, and it also got lethal aid in the form of Javelin missiles — while the previous administration had sent only blankets and MREs. And remember all of President Obama’s “red lines”?

Gohmert reminded the House of Hillary Clinton’s idiotic “reset button” and Obama’s refusal to send lethal aid to Ukraine and was accused of spouting “Russian propaganda” by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Watch Gohmert go off after that accusation.

Indeed he did.