We know the initial spin on the Horowitz report was that, as James Comey stated, everyone had been exonerated, but none of that is holding up after a review of the actual report. Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted Wednesday that the FBI fed the FISA court “a bunch of hogwash” with the Steele dossier.

As Twitchy reported back in January 2018, Sens. Grassley and Lindsey Graham wrote a referral to the Department of Justice regarding possible misstatements Christopher Steele made to the FBI on his anti-Trump dossier. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross called it at the time the Devin Nunes memo “on steroids.” (For what it’s worth, Rosie O’Donnell sent a profane tweet telling Grassley he should be ashamed of himself for “attacking” Steele.)

Grassley’s press office has put together quite a thread of reactions to his and Graham’s criminal referral in light of the IG report and what we know about how the FISA warrant was obtained and renewed:

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