As Twitchy reported the other day, Rep. Adam Schiff told quite a whopper when he tweeted that President Trump was seeking to kick millions of families and children off of food assistance.

First off, it’s not millions, it’s an estimated 700,000, and they’re not being kicked off of food stamps; the work requirements to receive assistance are being tightened due to the improved economy and number of jobs available.

Second, the food stamp reform only applies to able-bodied people from 18 to 49 years old without dependent children. So, basically, it applies to able-bodied, childless adults between 18 and 49. And the work requirements are minimal. So much for kicking families and children off of food stamps.

Nate Lerner has other gigs but we like to call him the founder of the Draft Beto movement, and he too is claiming that families will be most affected by the tightening of work requirements when adults with dependent children are exempt.

You might have heard that Dan Bongino has kicked off his own project, the Bongino Report, in response to the Drudge Report’s drift to the left, and he responded from that account with an epic thread.

It’s funny how Joe Biden keeps on tweeting the same tweet about the dignity of work, but if a Republican administration with record-low unemployment tries to get able-bodied food stamp recipients to work a little, it’s cruel.

Children and families hardest hit.