“Toxic masculinity” is one of those terms that emerged without any distinct meaning. What’s the opposite of toxic masculinity? Is it just plain masculinity, or something else? Did we learn nothing from those woke Gillette commercials? That it’s toxic for boys to wrestle in the grass while dad cooks steaks on the grill?

Yeah, we won’t be joining you at your stupid website. But we couldn’t help but click to see what CBS News was on about:

CBS News, which is pimping its upcoming documentary “Speaking Frankly: Raising Boys,” reports:

Ted Bunch, co-founder and chief development officer of A Call to Men, an organization that aims to promote healthy and respectful manhood, says people are generally socialized to believe that men need to embody certain ideals in order to be accepted.

“We have coined a term called the Man Box. And that’s a short form for the collective socialization of men, that we’ve all been taught on some level,” Bunch explains. “Not asking for help, always feeling like we have to be in control, dominating and having power over others, not expressing any emotion except for anger. All of those things are rigid notions of manhood. Feeling like we have to be in control, that we have to control things, those are all things that are rigid, and that they don’t bend.”

Or maybe that’s just how men are.

When is the documentary on toxic femininity going to be airing?

Yeah, no.