Hillary Clinton probably did a lot to sink her campaign when she took the bold move of taking her “enemies” and sorting them into “baskets of deplorables” — not the best way to win over Republicans or Independents, probably.

Pete Buttigieg, who is having a very serious problem attracting African Americans to his campaign, sort of took the same strategy, repeating his theory that anyone who supported Donald Trump was racist, or at best, jut looking the other way and ignoring his racism.

The term “white supremacist” is thrown around so casually now it’s hardly shocking to hear, but here’s Buttigieg calling Trump supporters either racist or complicit in racism.

Dana Loesch has written a great piece at her website chronicling Buttigieg’s problems with black voters — remember when his campaign used a stock photo from Kenya to promote his Frederick Douglass Plan for Black America?

Loesch also posted a thread spelling out Buttigieg’s multiple fumbles on race:

As many have pointed out today, the next Democratic debate will be all white people. Racist!


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