Last month, Bloomberg News’ editor-in-chief released a statement regarding how the organization will cover the candidacy of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and jaws hit the floor. Bloomberg said it would “continue our tradition of not investigating Mike” and extend the same courtesy to all of the other Democratic campaigns.

But what about President Trump? “For the moment, our P&I team will continue to investigate the Trump administration, as the government of the day.”

As Twitchy reported earlier, the Trump campaign responded to that policy by announcing it would no longer credential Bloomberg News for events. A lot of conservatives applauded that move, but the New York Times’ executive editor, Dean Baquet, “condemned” it.

“We condemn any action that keeps quality news media from reporting fairly and accurately on the presidency and the leadership of the country,” he wrote. But how does that stop Bloomberg News from reporting on the Democratic candidates? Mike Bloomberg will be out of the race soon enough, anyway, so it’s not like they have to worry about the appearance of bias for too long.